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We're a young, loving couple planning our wedding for June 12, 2010! We could not be happier :) This blog is to help distant friends and family keep in touch and updated in our new life together as well as to document this incredible time in our lives! We love you all! Enjoy :) Love, The Shumans

Friday, January 8, 2010

He's to die for!!

Two blog posts in one day!? Man this must be addicting! But I just had to, here's why:
Danny and I are doing this thing called "Fireproof Your Wedding" where each day you get a new "Love Dare". Its usually just easy little things that will make your marriage the best it can be! For ex, yesterday was "You're not allowed to say one negative thing to your spouse all night" so you get the idea!

Well today's was to just buy a little something while out and about to show your spouse that you were thinking of them. Well, while I was out at Sheetz getting chicken fingers I grabbed Danny a bad of Nutter Butter's because I know he LOVES them!
Well, I get home from work to 2 gorgeous daisies, a bottle of my fave wine and a gift card to belle tower spa for a day of relaxation! i could NOT believe it!! i was like WHAT?!?!?

I love him so freakin much. How do I get so lucky? It's so cool that he's taking this whole "love dare" thing seriously...it might just actually make our relationship even better (if possible!!)

Luna Belle!! Man she looks big in this picture :(

"thinking of you..." just like the love dare said! LOL

my life is def better because he's in it =)


The Shumans


  1. What a fabulous gift!

    What is this fireproofing thing? Is it a book? A game? Where can I get it? It sounds like so much fun!

  2. Awww...how beautiful! I LOVE that movie. You are a lucky lady my fellow siesta-engaged girl :)


  4. You have a blog award....