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We're a young, loving couple planning our wedding for June 12, 2010! We could not be happier :) This blog is to help distant friends and family keep in touch and updated in our new life together as well as to document this incredible time in our lives! We love you all! Enjoy :) Love, The Shumans

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surprise Bridal Shower!!

my incredible mother in law and the women of danny's family threw me an AMAZING surprise shower!  i've never felt so loved in my whole life!
the surprise!  there was a WALL of women going all the way up the steps and on the balcony when I walked in the door!  very overwhelming!!
danny, me and momma, who made the 2.5 hour trip! <3
some details:
beautifully decorated
tons of food and wine!
present from my momma <3
one stack of gifts!!  
his and her stacks, so cute!
jello shots with nana...my fave part!! ;)
cutting my MASSIVE cake, which I didn't get a picture of (but I know someone did!!)

they did the coolest thing. two days before, they invterviewed danny and asked him a bunch of questions and recorded him!  so then they would ask me the same questions and play the tape back.  it was SUCH a good idea, everyone loved it and it made me cry so many times!!  everytime i got an answer wrong, i had to put a marshmallow in my mouth! it was hilarious:
tough to see, but I look like a chipmunk!
it really makes you see who your real friends and the important ppl in ur life are.  my one bridesmaid flew in from illinois and had to leave the next morning  JUST to come to this!  now, i'm SUPER excited for the wedding!!!
The Shumans

Monday, April 12, 2010

invites!!! finally...

so these things have been HAUNTING me for months!  i was not looking forward to them at all.  but with the help of our very own abattyref (thanks alex!!)  they turned out to be much less of a headache than I thought =)  However, I do admit, I was going to add a very fancy belly band...but it just would cost more money, take more time, and honestly who cares?!  i just wanted them to be 
done.  SO, here they are =)
the production:
invitation quote: "Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost, I need you..."
Return Address Label:
pocketfold sticker enclosure...thing...:
the whole she-bang!!

aaaaand there ya have it ;)  should be getting RSVP's in the mail any day!!
The Shumans