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We're a young, loving couple planning our wedding for June 12, 2010! We could not be happier :) This blog is to help distant friends and family keep in touch and updated in our new life together as well as to document this incredible time in our lives! We love you all! Enjoy :) Love, The Shumans

Thursday, February 25, 2010

DIY =)

I love doing creative projects, and this wedding has given me plenty of excuses to head to Michael's =)  Today, I designed, printed and constructed all my reserved seating signs.  Not bad for an afternoon!

I'm pretty happy with them =)
Also, I made my own hair flower!  Instead of buying one off of etsy for $20-40, I made my own for...(drum roll please...) $5!

That's all for now!  Off to clean up before Danny gets home <3
The Shumans

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  1. Everything looks GREAT!! Getting so excited for you. It is all coming together so beautifully!!! :)